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Christian Music... Why?

Music has a special place in everyone’s hearts… we have our favourite songs, our favourite bands, music we love to listen to when exercising, when relaxing in nature, when feeling sad or lonely, when in love.  Songs can bring back memories, enhance feelings of happiness and joy… it can encourage us, motivate us, even bring us to tears at certain times.  When combined with influential messages it can be a powerful force on the human emotion and will… and has been culture shaping throughout history.

But for us, now, at this time.. we have a choice…. We may love the style… the beat.. the melody… the instruments, the band….  But what is the message being carried to us in such an easy to receive and inspiring way… is it having a positive impact on my life, my thoughts, is it influencing my concepts of what is right and normal?

Christian music and bands have reached across all genres and are even leading edge in performance and quality.  As Christians we, at this time - more than ever, have the opportunity to enjoy our favourite style of music in a way that is uplifting, encouraging, life building and faith building.  Out of everything the most important thing is loving God and loving others - his way; to know his pure unconditional love…. Agape love.  We want our choice of music reflect this, we want our lives to reflect this.



Image by Maik Jonietz

Music Videos

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